Environmental Purpose

I have a passion for the environment, I think most people also care but we need a movement to combat the effect we are having on the earth. From pollution to plastic filling up our oceans...it can be overwhelming but we need to work together for a common solution. No more corporate interests leading the way, we can choose what we want for our future and it is important to speak up at every opportunity.

Do you consider yourself "Eco" friendly? Do you care about the environment? I believe that we all need to work together for ENVIRONMENTAL ACTION IN ALBERTA and around the world. We need to think about building our next version of our economy that moves from OIL to ECO. But we won't snuff out the past, the goal is to move towards sustainability together, what can we all do together right now?

  1. Stop ordering products on Amazon.

  2. Pressure FAST FOOD restaurant chains to use more ECO-friendly packaging.

  3. Schedule a GARBAGE CLEANUP event in your local neighbourhood (aside from the winter months we hold them just about monthly at my local community centre).

  4. VOTE for leaders that care about our parks.

  5. Save your local environment, animals and ecosystem by paying attention to these organizations below (scroll down).

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CPAWS - Defend Alberta Parks

Ecosystem Organizations that support animals...(more coming soon).