Vantage Magazine Starts A New Chapter After Publishing Issue 6

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Vantage Magazine started out with a simple adventure alongside a very good friend. After 2 years of hard work, artist interviews, ideas, brainstorming, creative energy, and many hours of editing, designing and collaborations with artists. We are at the cusp of publishing our sixth issue.

Jermaine and I put our blood, sweat, and tears towards this publication and as it takes more time to manage we need to think about how to best move forward. How are we going to make sure the Magazine stays sustainable and makes a bigger impact? By building a larger team based on a community of well-intentioned artists. We want to continue this journey and…

  • Give more artists the ability to showcase work and help them move forward on their own creative journey.
  • Give others the chance to be involved in a vision of art in Calgary and to contribute to the publication.
  • Give printed credit in the magazine to those who help us build the community.
  • Provide experience and valuable skills that will be lifelong assets and can be added to Linkedin or resumes.


Thus far we have impacted the arts community is a big way. We have featured 15+ artists of varying backgrounds, abilities and artforms. What an accomplishment and milestone!! In fact, showcased in our issues since the beginning of 2017 we have worked with the following types of artists:

  • Film Photographers
  • Muralists
  • Jewelers
  • Oil Painters
  • Acrylic Painters
  • Digital Photographers
  • Designers / Graphic Artists


And we want to expand! Maybe you see yourself publishing your work with us. Feel free to reach out to us anytime or join us in July for a special event! More info below, so read on 😉

Vantage Magazine Team

We have built our team to 4 great individuals who are helping create with us.
–Portia from Migrant Muse Designs has been great on social media, artistic direction, and proofing our written work.
–Denise who has done an amazing job with our design since Issue 5. She is so talented!
–Jermaine is our creative director and co-founder. Recently he has decided to take a back seat. As we all build our businesses and focus our creative energies, we find that we need to be mindful of time and focus. Taking on more than you can handle can cause your health, exercise or other important life aspect fall behind. As such we are asking the artistic minds and anyone interested in the arts scene to join us.

Both Jermaine and I have realized that a vision cannot be accomplished without intense focus and it cannot be accomplished alone. I am calling on the arts community in Calgary and anywhere else our reach goes. I have been on quite the personal journey running CMO4Hire as my main business and running Vantage Magazine on the side.

So We Have a Huge Announcement!

We are now making this magazine run by the community, by you! We are learning that to offer a high-quality magazine that is free for the artist, we need to spread the love! We are looking for some key creatives to help us continue to create and improve Vantage Magazine from this current issue 6, to number 7 and well beyond that too.

Will you be the fifth person on our team? Join us and help create amazing content, find artists, vet content and edit the magazine. We are looking for people to help with specific tasks but we are more so looking for PASSION.

You do not need experience (but it doesn’t hurt either). If you were to submit your resume we would hope it would say, hard worker, team player, and interested in doing awesome things. We are not asking for resumes, we are asking for you to share your vision with us, your passion, your goals. Whether you want to get into photography, improve your form of art, or help get ART out into our community. You are invited to join us for an interview event on July 25th at Vagabond. If you feel like you need to send a resume or bring one that is no problem … but here at Vantage Magazine, we are more interested in your ability to jump in, try something new, and promote awesome art in Calgary!


So what kind of skills are we looking for outside of your passion?

  1. Social Media Posting (Instagram, Facebook, Twitter).
  2. Social Media Strategy (Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and recommending others).
  3. Artist Relations and Interviews (who will be in the magazine).
  4. Content Approvals and general magazine layout (what will be in the magazine).
  5. Fundraising and business model strategy.
  6. Website designer and developer (new e-commerce / subscription site).
  7. Did I mention passion?! This is the only required skill, the others we can train 😉


When can you meet the Magazine Founders and “interview” with us? July 25th, 2018 at 7PM! It’s a networking / mingle type of event. We just want to chat with you and find out more about you. Join us next month on the 25th at Vagabond by the Stampede Grounds in Calgary. If you are outside Calgary we can schedule a time to chat on the phone or on Skype. Come down and let us know how you want to help or why you want to get involved! We are looking for people who have interests or skills in the following areas:

  • Photography
  • Film
  • Murals
  • Painter or any canvas medium
  • Maker Mind (jewelry, pottery, welding, anything!)
  • Video (editing, shooting, animation etc.)
  • Writer (for artist bios and other magazine text).



So let me back up a little. Who am I? I am the fourth member of Vantage Magazine. My name is Riley and I love photography of all kinds. I love graffiti art. I love videography and editing a moving film, short, or Youtube project. I love the mountains.
I am a freelancer working in the Digital Marketing field. I founded CMO4Hire 2 years ago and have been working to help companies create more leads online for 5 years now. This is how I make money for food, rent, and other necessities. The magazine is completely funded by myself and our contributors. It has not made me a physical cent but it has provided me with an experience and journey that money could never buy. Sometimes I tend to take on too many projects and get myself a little stressed out, right now is one of those times. Hence why this issue of the magazine is a little late to be published. Regardless, things seem to always work out and we always meet expectations. Better late than never right? I would, however, like to have more solid deadlines and a better schedule for publishing the magazine. This is where you come in.

Vantage Magazine is a non-profit venture and I am planning to continue publishing for many years to come. But I cannot do it alone (with our small team). We need a more sustainable way to continue putting out great content and pushing the boundaries of a premiere creative magazine for the arts. It is hard for me to ask for help sometimes but…

…I need help. I am asking for you to volunteer your time and get involved. I am asking you to jump in and create an experience. To join us on this publishing journey and gain experience for yourself and for others.

To help contribute towards a common goal and to celebrate our successes together. That is why I am writing this post. And that is why we are changing the vision of the magazine.


Help Us Change The World! (Or At Least Someone’s World).

With your help, we can continue to create. With your input, the magazine can be whatever we want it to be! We can work towards Vantage Magazine becoming a flagship publication in Calgary and across Canada. Maybe even the world. At the very least we will change someone else’s world and help them achieve their own goals.

Because what I am finding out is that you can achieve anything, but you need focus, you need a plan, and you are only limited by time.
We offer you the chance to become involved and have your name printed in our next publication as a Vantage team member. Even if you contribute ideas or strategic vision you are an important part of our team moving forward. Will you jump on the train and join us for the journey?

If you would like to learn more about what we are planning here at Vantage Magazine or to ask questions about our vision, the upcoming event, or just to chat. Email me and we will schedule a phone call.

Use a normal @ in the email, just trying to avoid spam bots getting this email 🙂

Talk soon and make sure to follow us on the social webernets:




Event details:

Vantage Magazine Meet ‘n Greet – July 25th, 2018 at 7PM

Vagabond – 1129 Olympic Way SE, Calgary, AB T2G 0L4

Join the Facebook Event Here.

Why Vagabond? This is where Jermaine and I went after the day we shot at the National Music Centre. The day Vantage Magazine was born! So join us at 7PM on July 25th for an informal meet ‘n greet, see you there!



One Last Thought From An Amazing Artist we met this year.

Rich Belle is being featured in Issue 6 and I wanted to quote her here. She put it best when she said:

“There are times you have to take a break in order to be re-inspired or if life gets you down. In this social media era, we feel like we have to constantly create in order to stay relevant. Sometimes when you keep pushing out content, you won’t stop to smell the roses. Artists are inspired by many things around them or inside them. This process takes time. People may think an artist has taken “a break” when really, they are just going through life just like everybody else or their art form requires them to take long periods of time to think through and produce results.”


I loved that quote and felt like I needed to share it here, I feel it will resonate with many. Thank you Rich Belle! She was one of the early applicants to the magazine and we are super excited to feature her in this issue. Her website will be up soon here:


For now, you can find her on Instagram here:



One last shout out to Jacqueline Fairley who has been there to support us in so many ways since Issue 2. Without her positive attitude and belief in us, I don’t think we would have made it to where we are today.

Thank you to Jacqueline and Douglas for having us in their home, making the effort to make it our last art show and for their continued support on social media.


As always, reach out to me if you need anything or want to get involved with us. Keep on moving forward one step at a time and always remember that someone out there believes in you even if you don’t believe in yourself. You can and will achieve your goals but only if you let others in.


-Love Riley Kearl.

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