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Thought Number One:

Have you ever wondered why people walk down the street with their heads down? As if looking someone in the eye will make their head explode, who knows…that person could be your next best friend. Do you do the same? Do you smile at people on the train? Keep your head up, try your best to lift up those around you. Friends, strangers, the homeless, your family, give them your best shot at a positive vibration.

#2 – Remember why you do it

Have you ever wondered why you do what you do? Is it because of your conditioning or just the way you are? The nature vs. #nurture question always brings up interesting conversations, I believe it’s always a blend of both. So based on your upbringing and who you are…do you do what you want? Or do you think about what others will say about your decisions? Do your parents, friends and family members get in your way? If you feel like they are holding you back have that conversation with them! The thing is that the big “problem” or situation is probably just in your own head. Get it out in the open and break free, then move forward intentionally, with your goals in mind. It’s like you have a hundred small strings attached to you, all pulling you in different directions. What your mind doesn’t know is that it’s easy to cut the strings, and once you do it’s liberating. You may need to cut some people from your life or say a difficult thing out loud to yourself or someone else. But if it feels important you must do it. Otherwise, the strings will pull harder and wrap tighter.

Just be happy, don’t get #angry

What do you want?
No really, what do YOU want? I asked that question to someone over the weekend and they actually got pretty mad at me. Not sure if it was because they didn’t know the answer or because it made them realize they are not headed in the direction they want.
The thing is you can really get whatever you want and can achieve anything. It’s just a matter of training your mind to allow yourself to get there. Our minds limit us and tell us “we can’t” or “don’t do that”. The thing is if you really try you can do WHATEVER YOU WANT, remember don’t trust your mind!!!! It’s a tricky one, train yourself to believe it’s possible and don’t listen to the naysayers. You can get there, and you will if you keep at it.
It will be uncomfortable and you will need to make some tough decisions…thing is we only live one life right?

The fourth Riley Kearl Thought & Idea:

Blessed. We are blessed to live in Canada, to be so rich with experience, belongings, food, shelter and a little money. At least most of us anyways. Do you ever feel like you take it for granted? What if you needed to fight for survival on the streets, or in another less fortunate country? Do you feel like you have a lot of problems or get stressed out a lot?
When I get anxious or stressed I try to realize that it really could be worse. If things went really wrong I’d have the support system to keep me afloat. Most of us are lucky to have that, so what do we do next? If our basic needs are taken care of, what do we need to make us happy? To achieve self-actualization? I think the answer is somewhat simple … to gain more experiences and to help others.

Experiences? This can be meeting new people or old friends, going to a new place in the city you live, or traveling to a new destination. Preferably anything outside your comfort zone.
To me traveling is one of the best experiences you can have and I’m lucky to have been able to get to a few different places. So get out there and experience! Could even be a new local museum or coffee shop. Just try to be present and focus on the now. I look at experiences as an investment in “self”.

Helping others? To me, it’s what life is all about, because why would you want to keep everything for yourself? Experiences and helping the people you know is the meaning of life (I think so anyway). Whether a random act of kindness or spending a few hours sharing your expertise and skills, there are always ways to lift those around you. But remember you also need to help yourself too, if you give away too much you will drain all your energy away. I see some ppl give and give to a fault, they don’t take the time for themselves. You need that too!
I make a point to help others but also be self-interested (different than being selfish). Because if you are burnt out then you’re no help to anyone. Give time to others, money to charity, but not all that you have! Find a balance with what gives life meaning to you and hold onto it.


Remember what you envision will become your reality. I hope you enjoyed these four separate thoughts from my brain. This is how I think about the world, specifically through writing on my Instagram account. I posted 4 similar looking photos where I wrote PROSE for each. This is the contents of this entire blog post, hope you enjoyed it. Have  focus, #CMO4hire and #RKVideo is what I am up to. Signing off, RK.

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