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Portugal hosted the Web Summit for the second year since the conference moved from Dublin, Ireland. The event met all expectations with over 60,000 attendees from 160+ countries, more than 1,000 speakers, CEOs, celebrities, and activists. The intersection of many different technological sectors made for an interesting 3 days of networking, speeches, panels and a *little* bit of beer. So here I wanted to document some of my experiences, the people I met, and the places I saw. 

Web Summit Brings Together Tech Minds From Across the World

The world is going to continue to see a massive digital revolution in the next 5 years, the Web Summit brought the “who’s who” all into one place. It was an amazing feeling and the conversations were always top notch. Everyone at the top of their game with insights from all different backgrounds and experiences. As I flew through London and on to Lisbon, Portugal I really had no idea what to expect. But as I checked into my what would be my accommodations for a week and a half, the reality started to set in. Lisbon was a beautiful city and the Web Summit was just around the corner.

The event was held at Altice/MEO arena on the Northern coast of Lisbon. With 5 separate pavilions near the arena and huge outdoor areas, the event space was massive. There were over 25 stages of varying sizes for speakers, panels, and Startups to pitch. Some of the stages included TalkRobot, PlanetTech, SaaS Monster, Growth Summit and the Main Stage shown here:

On the first day of the summit, we had a surprise welcome from one of the smartest minds in the world, Stephen Hawking! His message was one of hope but also a warning, view the video here:


AI Tech will need to include “a form of electronic personhood to ensure the rights and responsibilities for the most capable and advanced AI.”

-Stephen Hawking, on the rules of robotics (5:00 mark)


Summit Startups & the Pavilions

Away from the main stage, there were large areas of space where the startup booths were located. In the Pavilions, startups stood by their booths to pitch and network all day. Each day of the conference had new startups in place for the Beta and Alpha areas of the pavilions. Every day new startups joined in to connect with attendees, investors, and speakers.

Larger companies also showcased including IBM, Google, Microsoft and many others.


Speakers Forum Lounge

Speaking of speakers…where did they all hang out before they went on stage? Right near the Media Village where I was volunteering! It allowed me to go down and network with some of the most sought-after people at the event. I met some fantastic people and was able to see the Prime Minister of Portugal up close and personal.

Communication & Networking at the Summit

Networking at the conference was a bit different, the traditional method applied but many including myself utilized the Web Summit app.

A fantastic tool that allowed you to chat with anyone who was there, you could connect based on common interests or search for anyone you wanted. Also the ability to create a custom schedule for the stages, so much going on you need to prioritize!

Paddy Cosgrave the Founder of Web Summit organized a fantastic event which concluded with an inspirational speech from Al Gore. There are way too many things to cover about Web Summit in this post, so I decided to cover the top three things I learned and include a video link from the event for you to get inspired and learn more about the topic. What did I learn?


Three Things I Learned at Web Summit

Sustainability is important for the Earth

The Web Summit offered a unique view into the environmental and sustainable topics. I learned there a ton of advanced and innovative companies that have a sustainable competitive edge. For example, take a look at a Web Summit company Gogoro. Short-term electric scooter rentals with replaceable battery system!


Artificial Intelligence (AI) could create or destroy

If technology is growing exponentially then AI tech is exploding exponentially. Something to keep an eye on, what kind of AI tech are we humans developing? Think unlimited potential where computers can “think”, collaborate, and calculate an infinite number solutions, scenarios and possibilities all at once. Seem scary?

web summit travel cmo cmo4hire sophia the robot meet ai
Look who I met … Sophia the first robot citizen


In the hands of certain people, it could turn bad, but I have faith that smart AI developers will only work for the betterment of humankind. We will still need to be vigilant to make sure we ethically develop our technologies. With artificial intelligence, we can build almost any possibility, let’s make sure we create the world we want to live in tomorrow (watch the video from Stephen Hawking for a very interesting viewpoint).




The Future is Created by YOU

The Web Summit brought together all the top thinkers from almost every sector. It became very apparent that we create the world we want. No one else can create our future, so first we must choose to act, be engaged and then decide what we want it to be? The young leaders of our time will bring us through the 21st century, so what will our world look like on the other side? It’s hard to predict what that future will be. But as long as we influence and innovate based on our own values then we can live a better life in the reality we create.

Travelling, Work and The Future. What more can you ask for?

Riley Kearl


For more amazing videos from the speakers of Web Summit visit Vimeo or Facebook:

For more photos taken at Web summit:

To apply to Volunteer at Web Summit in November of 2018:

Thanks for reading the Web Summit recap. The original post from before the Summit from November 30th, 2017 is below.


Original CMO4Hire attends Lisbon Portugal announcement

Exciting news! CMO4Hire will be attending the Web Summit from November 6-9 in Lisbon, Portugal! With 25 different conferences available to attend the conference is one of the biggest of its kind. From Growth Summit to Pub Summit & SaaS Monster to Surf Summit, there is something for everyone.

CMO4Hire At Web Summit Alongside Astronauts, Founders, CEO’s & Robots

Who will be speaking at the Summit? For starters Astronaut Mike Massimino, Co-Founder & CEO of Slack Stewart Butterfield, the Prime Minister of Portugal and many others (some listed below).

There will even be some interesting speakers such as the Professor Einstein Robot, and Sophia the Robot (Chief Humanoid). Apparently, Sophia is a robot that gives the most human-like responses and facial expressions. With topics ranging from AI, VR, AR, Cyber Security, Marketing Tech, Autonomous Driving, and improving our planet. The conference promises to be a mind-bending and informative 3 days.

YYC Attends Web Summit In Lisbon

With over 60,000 attendees from more than 150 countries expected to attend the conference should be unrivaled. According to the organizers, Web Summit has become “Europe’s largest and most important technology marketplace, a global meeting place for the world’s most disruptive technology companies and those interested in how that disruption can transform their businesses and their lives.”

CMO4Hire is excited to be a part of the biggest Tech Conference in the world. Stay tuned for another blog update on the event with photos and tidbits from the speakers.

How big is the Web Summit this year?


Want to attend with CMO4Hire?

If you are 16-23 years old you have a chance to win tickets to the event! Web Summit tickets are now €1,500, increasing to €2,500 this Friday (yes that is in Euros). Click here to enter the contest and book your last minute ticket to Lisbon, why not be spontaneous and network with some of the top startups and founders in the world.

“Over 7,000 CEOs from companies of all sizes and industries are coming to the Web Summit. All learning about what new software and hardware can transform their businesses. They are joined by leading academics, those at the forefront of tech and business worlds, cultural icons and influencers, and key global leaders to tackle the world’s most pressing issues.”

Who else will be at Web Summit?

The full list of speakers and startups can be found on the Web Summit website, a large list of amazing people and companies. Does anything peak your interest? Tweet CMO4Hire (@CMOdragonfly) and also on @RileyKearl to let us know what you are wanting to know more about.

See you back in Calgary next month!

Riley Kearl.


P.S. Some other notable CEOs that will be attending are listed below.


Steve Huffman

CEO Reddit


Stewart Butterfield

Co-Founder & CEO Slack Canada


Dustin Moskovitz

Co-Founder & CEO Asana


Brian Krzanich

CEO Intel


Claudia Willvonseder



Joe Sullivan

CSO Uber


Dara Khosrowshahi

CEO Expedia Inc


Eric Friedman

Co-Founder Fitbit


Diane Tryneski

Chief Digital Officer HBO


Rebecca Lynn

Co-Founder Canvas Ventures


David Karp

Founder Tumblr


Brian Halligan

Founder & CEO HubSpot


Slava Rubin

Co-Founder & CEO Indiegogo


Blake Irving

CEO GoDaddy


Christine Herron

Director Intel Capital


Joel Spolsky

Co-Founder & CEO Stack Overflow


Julia Austin

CTO DigitalOcean


Ze Frank

President Buzzfeed Entertainment


Zander Lurie

CEO Survey Monkey


Patrick Llewellyn

CEO 99designs Australia


Professor Einstein Robot

Robot Hanson Robotics

Hong Kong


Werner Vogels



Sophia the Robot

Chief Humanoid – Hanson Robotics & SingularityNET




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