Blogging Again! What is Riley Working on?

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Now that my Blog is working properly I am planning to do more posts. Are you as excited as I am!!? Well, you should be ūüėČ So what’s new in my world? I have a ton of projects on the go (probably too many) and new things happening all the time. So what is my current focus?

Number one – FILM!

I have a big passion for cinematography and I am lucky to be able to pursue it within my existing freelance marketing role. They go well together, to say the least. After a few different gigs, a couple paid and some not…I am confident I can produce quality work for a variety of shoots. Day of edits are one of my specialties, shoot, and edit with the video premiered AT the end of the event. More on this later…

With the announcement and release of Riley Kearl Video Productions things are starting to roll along! Since shooting for Chic Geek at their Geeky Summit event I have had multiple requests for video quotes. View it here. Just goes to show you need to pursue your passion! My goal is to get paid for my passions full-time (and travel while doing it). More on this later…

Number Two – Photography

Getting better with every photo I take this is another one of my big interests. I take pride in my creative shots and feature some on my site. I will be adding new content soon. From

Take a look at my Instagram to view my photos, collages, and my newest photo series featuring old travel photos from 2011-2014. AND a big announcement coming for next year. Exciting times!

Digital Marketing at CMO4Hire

Emerge from the murky ooze of the internet and become a Dragonfly! Since launching the company with Stephen we are growing a group of like-minded marketers and influencers. CMO4Hire works with B2B Tech companies to drive traffic, generate leads and ultimately close more sales. Our suite of services gets you where you need to be online, and keeps you ahead of the Googly machine! After all the best place to hide a dead body is the second page of google search results. Get on page one!!

This is a Blog header

So yes, I will be blogging more. It will be a mix of marketing posts, photography showcases, talking about film and videos I have done or am planning. Also just musings and thoughts from a crazy entrepreneur who is pretty much a weirdo.


Last thing:



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