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Not sure which online data you should trust? Are you going insane dealing with your website and trying to decide what to do next? Luckily here at CMO4Hire, we are all about the numbers, we live and breath DATA. So where do you turn when you get conflicting results? Unfortunately, there is no quick answer…so let’s dive in.

We have many tools and resources available to us: Webmaster Tools, Google Analytics to name a few. Also other Agency tools such as Woorank and SEMrush. The problem is with conflicting data, one tool tells us one thing and the other seems to be telling us something completely different, I began writing on this topic last year when Google made changes to its PageSpeeds tool.

Don’t let the web make you insane

I came to the conclusion that “the web has never been completely cut and dry and Pagespeeds is the perfect example. It needs to be used it in conjunction with other tools such as Pingdom or Woorank. You will almost always have another tool of choice.”

Speaking of Google Pagespeeds, how do they view the tool themselves? The following excerpt is from their FAQ page:

Some PageSpeed Insights rules are based on basic principles of web development; others are based on more advanced features. Since PageSpeed is a performance optimization tool, its recommendations are biased in favour of speed. However, we recognize that web development is complex, and our suggestions might be restrictive for an individual web site. You have to consider the tradeoffs: some of PageSpeed’s recommendations take substantial effort to implement, so you need to evaluate the cost of making changes vs. the benefit. Our goal is simply to point out the issues that you should consider fixing.”

The above is a good rule of thumb for most web development tasks, is the cost of making changes worth it? How much will you benefit? Here are CMO4Hire we are focused on generating leads, most of our activities are focused on user experience and driving traffic for lead generation. After all the basic sales funnel is Traffic > Leads > Sales. Because if you’re not generating sales you are not in business! Want to see how we look at our sales funnel in a more detailed view? Visit:


Google Insights Tool

Google explicitly states that the advice should be evaluated based on your situation. The web is not black and white, keep that in mind as you heed the Insights from the Googly machine! More on the tool:

  • Pagespeeds gives a score for both mobile and desktop (for more on mobile click here).
  • It measures performance on “above the fold” load time and also full page load time.
  • It gives recommendations on image re-sizing, browser caching and more.
  • It will point out the files you need to adjust so you can find them easily.
  • A nice feature of Insights is that you can actually download the optimized resources recommended by Insights.
  • Google is picky on their Pagespeeds test, don’t take the ranking as law (they don’t even have a 100 desktop score themselves).

Many high profile sites have rankings that are very low. For example, at the time this article was written Twitter scored a 61 on mobile and 44 on a desktop. This doesn’t make Twitter a bad site in regards to usability, rankings or technical aspects. But nonetheless, you would think they would try to improve? So remember to focus on what’s most important to you and your business. Take Google’s Pagespeed insights into account but don’t be overly alarmed by the results. Take note:

The PageSpeed Score ranges from 0 to 100 points. A higher score is better and a score of 85 or above indicates that the page is performing well. Please note that PageSpeed Insights is being continually improved and so the score will change as we add new rules or improve our analysis.”

Ok there it is, if you can get your score above 85 then give yourself a pat on the back. You did it and you did it well. All the perfectionists out there stop and take a minute: look at the diminishing returns of achieving scores over 85…is it really worth it? But this post is not just about Pagespeeds

How do we fare outside of Google?

At CMO4Hire we use a variety of tools to analyze our client sites. Once we find out what’s going on we start work on the most pressing needs and the Quick Wins. In our experience sometimes we need to verify results with other tools, for example, we sometimes get conflicting data on www-resolve information. Some tools say the redirect is working, others do not. Not sure what a resolve is? It’s my next blog topic so stay tuned for that…

Interested in some other tools we use? And most of them are free I might add! Take a gander…

GT Metrix



And we have already mentioned Woorank. In the end, its directional data that you need to absorb with the tools you use. It will start pointing you in the right direction, then triangulate the data and figure out what is actually correct and most important. Using one tool on its own and regarding it as law is the wrong approach.

Have a great week out there my friends!

-Riley Kearl


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