My professional experience over the last 5 years or so has been diving deep into the digital world. This includes Google Ads, Data Studio, Google Analytics and technical optimizations. Learn more about what we have offered at CMO4Hire in the past and what we will be offering this fresh year of 2021.

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Vantage is an art magazine I founded back in 2016 with our first edition published in 2017. So far we have published 8 hard copy issues featuring over 40 different artists. We are a non-profit organization focusing on print magazines with a goal to support and showcase artists of all kinds. We have worked with and featured photographers, painters, muralists, a variety of makers, cocktail artists, graphic designers and other creators not mentioned here. We can help artists get out there by featuring them in print or on our blog.

You can apply to be featured in one of our upcoming issues or get involved with our amazing team. There are some amazing volunteer opportunities available and potential to be connected into our artist community as well. Recently we raised $627 for BB4CK by selling prints on our website.

If you have a project idea or want to get involved somehow please reach out! I would love to chat with you to see how we can help further your career, passion or experience.

Google Ads

I love to take photos, from city landscapes to the mountains and everything in between. More recently I have got into the world of film photography, an inspiration from issue 3 of Vantage Magazine where we featured 3 amazing film photographers and their film work. Since then I have been shooting a Pentax camera I picked up at a garage sale. Something about framing a perfect shot to get it just right on film supersedes digital where it seems you get too many chances to get it right. Along with my photo work I have enjoyed a few interesting videography projects in the past.

What's Next?

Although I do dabble in paints now and again I would not consider myself a painter. But my passion for painted murals overlaps with my photography work, I love to find and photograph murals here in Calgary and wherever I travel. Something about the creative freedom I see from muralists really intrigues me.

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Over the years my passion for the arts has changed focus to helping other artists achieve their goals. It can be hard to make it as an artist and that is why Vantage Magazine was started. To create a platform for artists to get their work out there and also to build a creative community of trusted artists. This community is meant to help lift each other up, connect with opportunities and encourage collaboration. Right ow we have a great group but need help with organization and creating a future vision. Get in touch if you want to be involved.

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